The Wall

As I quickly solve the world problems, let's tackle the wall this week. The wall would be the proposed one between Mexico and the U.S.

I don't have a problem with a wall. There are people that like to call people racist if they are in support of having a wall. First of all, stop with the name calling, dumb jerkfaces. It's not helpful or attractive. Also, if you think it's immoral to have a wall then you shouldn't have a fence around your property or lock your front door. In fact, you should probably just leave it ajar.

There are good reasons to have a wall. However, we haven't had one and terrible things haven't happened. There obviously are terrorists that would like to be here and blow stuff up. I don't know why they don't come in by this method. Why fly in here with all the airport security happening? If we're not protecting the southern border, fine. Then stop making me take off my shoes and belt and risking radiation poisoning at airports where no smart person is going to try to sneak in anyway. (I should stop talking about terrorists as this will probably get me put on some government list.)

To be pro-wall is not to necessarily be anti-immigrant. I don't hate immigrants. In fact, we could have more. Let's just make sure everyone is here legally. It's part of my overwhelming guilt complex that its hard for me to do things that are wrong or know that there are other people doing things wrong. They solved the marijuana problem by just legalizing it. Stop bad behavior, but just saying its not bad anymore. They could do that with immigration.

By the way, I just took the time to Google this - The US has 48.2 million immigrants. Far distant second place is Russia with 11.6.

Here is another dumb thing that dumb jerkfaces like to talk about - How can we send anyone back when we have the Statue of Liberty. But people didn't stop at the Statue of Liberty, they went past it to Ellis Island, where some of them did, in fact, get sent back. At least they had to check in.

The real solution, I think, is quit making illegal immigration so attractive. If you are here legally you can have everything the rest of Americans have. But if you're not, you don't get free education, health care, driver licence, food stamps, etc, etc. Is that harsh? I don't think so. I think it's less harsh than to have all these enticements for people to risk their lives in an attempt to cross the desert to get here. Do that and you don't need a wall. And any money you save in not building a wall, send to Mexico to help their economy. Done and done.

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