Today let me solve the problem of the latest sickness - the coronavirus. I'm no doctor, but here is my advice: don't worry about it. The chances are really small you get it. People are getting way too worried about it. And people are starting to cash in on people's fears. The chances of getting it are small. I looked up all the following statistics. (I got these off the internet, so infallible.)

How small are the chances? There are 7.7 billion people in the world. As of today, 110,064 have gotten it. That turns out to be a 0.0014% chance of getting it. And of those, the majority got it and have gotten over it. Those that currently have it - most will get over it. Yes, many have died - 3,830 so far. And I feel bad for that. But that is 0.00005% of the population. Also, the 3,830 number is just slightly above the number (3287) that die in automobile accidents each day.

So you can do some things. Don't go to China - 73% of all the cases are there. Wash your hands. They say to sing Happy Birthday twice. Who has that kind of time? Just rinse your hands off once in a while. That's what I do. Don't hang with people that are doing a lot of coughing.

And so should you take precautions against the coronavirus? Sure. But while you're at it, eat better, quit doing risky things, quit driving like a jerk. All those things can help you live longer, too.

I'm done watching the news for at least a few months. Its all that's on there. It just leads to worry. I think that is mostly because they show the hideous picture of it. It is not actual size. If it was, yes, it looks like that would really hurt. But almost any of the microscopic things inside your body looks like it'll kill you if you blow up a picture of it.

So just calm down everyone. We all go at some point. The chance this will get you is really small.

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