Star Wars

I saw the last Star Wars movie. It is about two months later than most of America, but better late than never. I think I've already documented my problems with following movie plots. I did stay awake during all of this one. And I think I followed the plot pretty well. There were however times when people would appear but weren't really there because they were holograms or something. At least I think that is what was happening. There were also people dying and then coming back, or maybe it was just a hologram of them. See what I mean?

Speaking of that, Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, actually did pass away. Yet she was in this movie a lot. If that is cgi, then they've come a long way with that. In fact pretty much everybody from the past made some kind of appearance in the movie. I think the only ones they left out was that bad actor from episodes 1,2, and 3 (you have to be a terrible actor if I judge you to be bad), and, of course, Jar Jar.

Some more issues -

What happened to the beaming up and down they developed during Star Trek. What happened to it? That seemed like some pretty good technology.

Why so many uniforms for the bad guys. Sometimes red, sometimes black, sometimes white. Its like the Oregon Ducks with all their various uniforms. But at least they keep the same color. Darth Vader wears all black. His army people all were completely in white. Is that just to mess with people like me? I was about three movies in before I figured out they were on the same side.

All this Alexa and Siri and language translation stuff they have now - why does R2D2 have to keep doing that beeping? Ditto on Chewbacca.

I've now seen 100% of the Star Wars series and understood 60%. Pretty good for me.

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