Sacramento Kings

I saw the Kings play the Spurs in Sacramento. Usually a contending team, the Spurs are down this year. The Kings, virtually never a contending team, are fulfilling expectations. The Kings have a new downtown arena. Most places you enter the arena and then you walk in some more doors to see the court. In Sacramento you enter the arena and you see the bowl right there in front of you. Its different and very cool.

They game was cool as it was close the whole way and then the Kings pull it out in the fourth quarter. They're big player is Buddy Hield. He didn't start for some reason, but came in and played well and got red hot in the fourth quarter. He made something like five three pointers in a row and put the game away. The crowd went nuts.

San Antonio has Aldridge who I really like. He's probably on the downhill side of his career. He played alright. Their big star is DeRozan. He kind of stunk it up this night
. He averages over 20 points a game and only had 11 this night. Near the end when they really needed him, he got mad, got two technicals, and got ejected. It was fun to see their coach - Greg Popovich. He's one of the top coaches of all time. His teams are virtually in the hunt for the NBA title. That won't happen this year, however.

I always go for cheap tickets. However, I don't think I have ever sat in the very top row. I got that experience this time, though. I've gotten smart. I bring binoculars with me so I can check out things closer. Works like a charm.

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