Fixing Elections

I think I should have a series on fixing things in society. I've taken some shots at this in the past, but things aren't fixed yet, so here we go. Just pretend I'm President and can do whatever I want. Make it a President without all those pesky checks and balances. Maybe more like a king or an emperor. I'm not sure what the difference is between them. Either will do.

Let's start with elections. They're out of control, so anything I suggest would have to help.

1. Get rid of the electoral college. Everyone can vote now. Before, black people, women, American Indians, 18-20 year olds... Most people didn't get to vote anyway, and now they can. So let them decide the elections.

2. Also it would reduce the chance of voter fraud. States might end up with a small difference in the popular vote. Very doubtful that would happen nationally. We probably would have President Nixon in 1960 along with President Gore and President Hillary Clinton.

3. These debates are way too much. Its just posturing and we don't really learn anything we wouldn't after just one or two of them.

4. These elections go on way too long. Election in 2020 - You can't start running until January 1, 2020. No speeches, no add. Ten months is plenty of time.

5. Exactly what is a caucus anyway? I'm not sure I understand. I think I know, but I can't be right because my understanding seems awfully weird.

6. If you want a state to lead the way in the voting, why go with Iowa?

7. Any why do it by states anyway? Let's go straight to those smoke filled rooms like in the good old days.

8. More things we should bring back - Candidates used to just speak from their front porch. Sure. They need to rest up if they're going to be President.

9. Riding on trains. Again, it makes for a restful campaign. They just hang out in the caboose until they get to a city and then come out and make a speech.

10. Make things even - Everyone running for President gets to run 50 commercials and make 100 speeches and be in 3 debates. That's it. Use it how you want.

I wasn't going for exactly 10, but here we are. And problem solved.

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