The Dump

I went to the dump today. Not something I do very often. I'm pretty good at cramming trash bin at my house to capacity. But I had a lot of junk built up. Going to the dump is kind of an adventure. Of course people throw away a lot of  junk, but sometimes there is cool stuff there. It is a bad look to take stuff out of the dump, but it is tempting sometimes.

The last couple times I've been there, they've had a person standing at the place you throw your stuff. First off, it is fun throwing the stuff. If its something like a garbage bag with handles you can discus it and see how far you can get it. If its breakable, you can see how high you can throw it and then watch it shatter. I actually had a toilet this time. Long story, but fun fact: hard to get much height on the toilet throw.

Back to this person. She just stood literally two feet from my while I threw out my trash. She had on a yellow vest, so apparently a trash official of some sort. She didn't say anything. She just stared at me and watched me unload. She wasn't there to help. Maybe she was there to see if I was throwing away any plastic straws. (See last week's rant.) I gave her the evil eye to no effect. I fear my "evil eye" is more of just a creepy glare anyway, being both creepy and ineffective.

It took some of the fun out of my dump trip, but at least it gave me blog fodder. I don't know if this is making me a better writer or not. I'm basically basing it on my 7th grade English teacher who said just writing a lot will make you a better writer. I've played a lot of basketball and still suck at that, so its possible she didn't know what she was talking about.

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