There is a new law that restaurants can only give you a straw if you request it. And there is some huge fine if restaurants violate that law. How stupid is that? I'll tell you.

Are straws a big hazard? If they are, then let's outlaw them. It's wrong to rob a bank. That is unless you give them a note saying you want all their money. Then its ok?

Straws are wrong or straws are fine. If they are wrong, then I shouldn't have one - even if I ask. If they are fine, then I shouldn't need to ask permission to have one.

I'm sure the writers of this law have the intention that let's get this right now, and in time we'll bring legislation to completely outlaw straws completely. Sneaky. That's why the gun lobby won't agree to any limits on firearms. They're afraid to give in on anything because that will start the process going of losing everything. Outlaw personal use of atomic weapons? No way. So the gun lobby looks ridiculous, but I understand where they're coming from.

On a seemingly unrelated note, why is prostitution illegal? I heard somebody talk about this issue. He brought up the point that what other commodity is there where if you give it for free its legal, but if you try to sell it, its illegal? Good point.

So make up you mind on straws. They're a menace to society and should be totally banned or they're fine.

Give me straws or give me death.

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