NFL Playoffs

It was the first weekend of the NFL playoffs. On the plus side, the games were all close. With my ability to record and the watch later skipping commercials, time outs, etc, I set a personal best of 45 minutes to watch the New England game.

Lets review each:

Vikings 26 - Saints 20 I like both teams, so I would have been good with either one winning. Vikings have been in four Super Bowls and lost them all. I root for them to make it there, but I feel if they do, they'll just lose again. I feel for Drew Brees. He plays on a pretty good team, but not a great one. If he spent his career with the Patriots he'd have as many wins as Brady, I bet.

Seattle 17 - Philadelphia 9 Philadelphia's quarterback was injured early in the game, so they really didn't stand much of a chance. Plus they were probably not the best team regardless. Vikings and Seattle are the two teams I'm pulling for the rest of the way.

Tennessee 20 - New England 13 As many Super Bowls as Brady has won, I feel bad for him losing and being out of the playoffs. This feels like the end of the line for him. My boy Mario got to get in for one play and complete a pass. I still hate Tennessee, though, for putting him on the bench.

Houston 20 - Buffalo 17 I didn't like this outcome either. A great Super Bowl would be Minnesota vs Buffalo. Both 0 - 4 in Super Bowls. At least one would finally get a win. Granted, the other would lose, but they're used to that.

Speaking of losing, there's no shame in that. I was reading about Alexander Manea. he's a boxer from Romania who retired about five years ago. Lifetime record: 0 wins - 54 losses. I couldn't have done that. I'm guessing he has very high or very low self esteem to keep taking a beating like that.

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