Traffic II

As a public service, here are some more facts from the book "Traffic". They are interesting and/or will make you a better driver. And if you are a better driver I won't have to be upset with you.

  • In the US, 50% of all crashes happen at intersections.
  • Converting conventional intersections to roundabouts have decrease fatal crashes approximately 90%
  • A pedestrian is more likely to cross against a light when a well-dressed person does so first and less likely when a poorly dressed person does so.
  • Because of the weights of the vehicles, when a car and truck collide 90% of the time the driver of the truck lives.
  • After 35 miles per hour, the chance of a crash doubles every extra 5 mph of speed.
  • Men are twice as likely as women to be killed in a car accident.
  • Rural, non-interstate roads have 2.5 times death rate over all other roads.
  • Drunk drivers are 13 times more likely to cause a crash than sober drivers.
  • When rumble strips were install in Pennsylvania road, the of the road crashes dropped 70%.
  • On ramps and off ramps are the most dangerous places on the freeway.

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