Pick Ups

I was driving a lot yesterday, which renewed my dislike of pick up trucks. Or as Jerry Seinfeld might say, "What's the deal with pick ups?" My theory is its just a big macho trip to own a pick up. Men want to put on their Levis, flannel shirts, and hop in their pick up. Especially true if there is going to be a bunch of other men around.

I was driving on roads that had icy conditions. Take it easy, right. "No, not me. I'm a pick up truck. I know they speed limit here is 65, and on top of that its icy, but I think I'll go 75 or 80. I could pass you and go that fast, but I better tailgate you first." Yes, pick ups are much more likely to tailgate than any other vehicle. I don't have statistics on that, but I'm sure I'm right.

Finally, why do your need a pick up? To pick stuff up. But they are almost never picking anything up. This I do have statistics on. I counted 29 pickups. Only four of them were carrying anything. So most pickups are mostly air. Why do they cost so much? Again, its probably some macho thing to pay way more than you need to.

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