Veteran's Day Questions

I wonder about a few thing regarding Veteran's Day.

First of all, is it being in a war that makes you a veteran, or is it being a member of the armed forces. I feel like there are a lot of people out there getting honored for being in the military but not exactly risking their lives. People that have served in Afghanistan or landed on Omaha Beach deserve everything they get and more. But if you never leave Fort Dix, New Jersey, that's not the same thing. They should give up their McDonald's military discount and double up the people that have really been in harm's way.

Here's another issue - All the help veterans seem to need. At least that is what their cardboard signs say that they're holding outside of Wal-Mart. And what about all the ads on the radio asking for money to help out veterans. Does the government really not take care of them? I thought that's where a lot of our tax money was going. If the government isn't taking care of them, shame on the government. If organizations and sign holders are scamming us, shame on then. At least someone needs to feel some shame on this.

My final Veteran Day thought. WWI ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. How did that happen anyway? Was it sheer coincidence? Or did they have an agreement on November 10th then said, "Hey, wait. Let's sign this tomorrow then it'll be 11-11. While we're at it let's wait until 11 o'clock. How cool would that be?" Seriously, I've tried to figure this out for a long time now. So far, no luck.

Anyway, to anyone who has fought for our country, Happy Veteran's Day.

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