I'm not really paying much attention to all the impeachment news. Anything from the 24 hour a day news networks are biased. There don't have enough news so they supplement their hour of news with 23 hours of their opinion. Anti-impeachment Fox is outnumbered by the CNN/MSNBC etc, but Fox are probably better at it. It seems like the networks at least try to be unbiased. The CNN boys are always blatantly sharing their views or trying to sound unbiased, but then rolling their eyes or shaking their heads, etc. It's just not worth watching.

Lost blog I was mentioning that I don't think Andrew Johnson should have been impeached.

Clinton shouldn't have been impeached either.

Nixon shouldn't have. Mostly because he should have burned the tapes and he would have been fine. "It would be wrong of me to give up secret conversations with foreign leaders. It compromises the nations security. So I have destroyed the tapes." People would have bought that.

Andrew Jackson probably should have been impeached.

I don't think anybody else should be. Making bad choices and surrounding yourself with criminals, like Grant and Harding did is no reason to be impeached. Being incompetent shouldn't be a reason to be impeached either.

I don't think Trump should be impeached. I think he tried to cut a deal with the Ukraine to help himself. He was making a deal like all the other business deals he's been making his whole life. I think he had no idea he was doing something wrong. That is the problem. He knows business, but in being a president, h
e has no idea what he's doing. But, again, incompetence isn't a reason to impeach.

How is this going to turn out? He's going to be impeached, but he won't be convicted. Everyone has been saying that all along. So why go through with all this?

So that will take place and then we'll go on to the election. The people will decide A. He's incompetent and vote him out. or B. He's incompetent right now, but he might get things figured out if we give him another four years.

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