I have pretty much a love/hate thing with Amazon. I order stuff from them, but I feel guilty using their little robots or whatever they have to fill my order. They've put tons of bookstores out of business already. The rest of the stores can't be far behind.

In fact, I think they've already taken over. Drive down the street and see what businesses there are. It's pretty much the stores that have stuff that Amazon hasn't figured out how to ship to people's homes yet. What's left - Restaurants, coffee places, car repair places, car lots, sports facilities, groceries, doctor's offices. I'm trying to picture stores down certain streets. That's all I can come up with. Amazon is going to rule the world. I think they're already working on the grocery thing and car places aren't there yet just because they don't have boxes big enough.

What to do. Stop shopping at Amazon! OK, that's not going to happen. I'm leading the charge and even I'm willing to do that. Government could step in and do something, though. People will complain that's against capitalism, but so what. Government has done that before. Business were creating monopolies and Roosevelt and others just broke them up. Break up Amazon, or make them share their profits with regular stores, or let's just ban the internet. That'll stop them. All good ideas.

We'll I'll close now. I have some online shopping to do.

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