World Series

I do more thinking about sports than I do watching them. My fave NFL player is currently on the bench. I'm torqued off about it. True, he's not good and the team is better off, but still, I'm protesting by not watching NFL games until he's playing again.

That still leaves a lot to chose from. This is the time of year when everything is going. Hockey has started up, football is midseason, the NBA is a few days away, and its World Series time.

It would have been more interesting to have the Yankees in. I'm sure whoever was broadcasting the series was hoping for Dodgers vs Yankees. They were two of about 5 teams that ever get televised nationally.

I'm going for the Nationals. They used to be the Montreal Expos. The Expos/Nationals have never been to the World Series until now. And now all that haven't made it is my hapless Seattle Mariners. So I'm rooting for the Nationals. Maybe some of their fortune will rub off in the Mariners in the near future. The also have nice uniforms, making up for the Expo uniforms which looked like something the crew at Wiener on a Stick might wear. I'n not sure what a "National" even is, but Washington used to have a franchise that was named the Washington Senators. Washington Senators / Washington Redskins. These D.C. guys need to work harder on selecting nicknames.

The also have a player, Michael A. Taylor, that I kind of root for. I saw the Nationals play the Dodgers play in person three or four years ago. Taylor had maybe the worst baseball game I've seen. Four strikeouts and then a error in the bottom of the 9th allowing a game winning inside the park home run. How do you top that? Go Nationals. Go Michael A.

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