Message to the Next Generation

Dear next generation,

There is an annoying add on the radio. Lady Gaga is a substitute teacher in a classroom. Makes sense. (By the way there is a lot of competition for the "Most annoying add on the radio" award. This one comes in second to the "A home for mom" spots which seem to be every other commercial.)

So Lady Gaga wants to know what they want to be later in life. Turns out they want to be stuff like - a dancer, a dress designer, a singer, a professional athlete, etc. OK kids. Its time for a reality check. That is what everybody wants to do. You're likely not going to do that. While 99% of you want a career in the arts or professional sports, 99% of the jobs are stuff like plumber, electrician, Wal-mart greeter, telemarketer, Amazon box filler, etc. I hate to burst your bubble, but that's how things turn out. It doesn't mean you won't be happy. You can be very happy and satisfied in your work. And a lot of those non-arts jobs are great - engineer, professor, researcher, etc. All I'm saying is have a back up plan to your proposed arts career. This whole "If you dream it, you can achieve it" is a little misleading. I'm pretty sure your substitute for the day has a lot of talent, but so do many others. She probably had some good luck working for her, too.

While you're working on your career choice, work on your outlook on life, too. "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". Don't fall for that kids. If you see the value in whatever you end up doing, you'll be fine. Go ahead and aim for a career of multi-million dollar salaries and everyone cheering for you like Gaga has, but just be ready if that doesn't pan out.

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