The end of my trip takes place in Minnesota. I happened to find out about the Spam Museum online. That's right. I don't remember the name of the city. A Mr. Hormel lived there and I guess he just he just took the left overs from his meat company together, squeezed it into cubes, and Voila - Spam.

It was free and adorable. The gift shop was amazing. I thought I should buy something. But then I thought anything I would buy, I would later say, "Why did I buy that?" They had Spam socks, shirts, lunch boxes, posters, pencils, coloring books, sweatshirts, hats, clocks, ... and spam. Lots and lots of Spam. There are more varieties than I would have imagined.

I should buy a can sometime. I know I've tasted it at some point in my life. I can remember what it tastes like years after I had it. I'm not sure that's good. I can't imagine its g

ood for you, but maybe its not too bad.

OK, I went online and looked it up. And I quote, "Spam is a type of processed meat, and thus eating it may be associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, COPD, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer." Maybe best to pass. But it is a cool museum.

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