I hear on sports talk shows about how wrong it is that Colin Kapernick isn't in the NFL. It's because people are biased against him for his kneeling during the national anthem. Let me share with you the top reasons Kapernick doesn't belong in the NFL.

  • The NFL isn't about winning. Its about making money. They like the wins because it ultimately means more money. Lots of people would stay away from any team that signed him. 
  • His lifetime passing percentage is 59.8%. If you put that into this season there would be 30 quarterbacks ahead of him. There are only five worse than that.
  • That puts him along side
  • They say he led a team to a Super Bowl. He actually took over for an injured quarterback. And then he lost that Super Bowl.
  • In the playoffs he completed only 58% of his passes.
  • In five of his six playoff games, he was between 53% and 58%. 
  • In the playoffs he had 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. That isn't good.
  • He had some huge running games in the playoffs, but that was because we wasn't that good of a passer.
  • He is 31 now. His best running days are behind him.
He was always overrated. He's not in the NFL because he's not that good. I'm not trying to put him down. I'm actually just trying to put down those people that says he's being mistreated. He's not.

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